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Ayurveda provides you the wonderous curing qualities with miraculous results. Welcome to the wonderful world of Ayurveda for *Anemia *Diabetes*Piles *Jaundice *Asthma*High Blood Pressure *Colitis  *Renal Calculi * Arthritis *Cervical Spondylitis  *Depression and Mental Disorders * Skin and Beauty Problems * Cancer  AMALAAKI (Emblica officinalis/Indian Goosbery) * Richest natural source of vitamin C * Protects cells against free radical damage * Anti-aging properties impr Indications: * Debility * Diabitic asthenia * Diminished immunity ARJUN (Terminalia arjuna)  * Increases Coronary artery flow, and protects myocardium against ischemic damage * Lowers blood pressure to a significant lavel * Significantly decreases the ischemic mitral regurgitation(IMR), improves E/A ratio, and      considerably  reduces anginal frequency Indications:    * Prehypertension * Hypertension * Stable angina pectoris * Ischemic Heart Di
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Skin disorders and Ayurveda

PRURITUS  (Kandu) Useful formulations in Ayurveda for Pruritis 1. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath 30 ml twice a day with water. 2. Nimbadi churn 3 gm twice a day with Guduchi Kwath. 3. Suddha Gandhak 500 mg twice a day with Milk or Honey. 4. Rasmanikya 125 mg twice a day with Honey. 5. Arogya Vardhini Vati 500 mg thrice a day with Water. 6. Amrtbhallatak Avaleha 12 gm twice a day with Lukewarm Milk. 7. Haridra Khand 3 gm twice a  day  with Mahamanjishthadi Kwath. Oil for local application Karanja ( Pongamia pinnata ) Tail to be applied locally. Regimen 1. Wheat, Old barley, Rice, Green gram ( Mudga ), Pigeonpea ( arahara ), Masura, Cucumber, Patola, Kakmachi and Garlic should be recommended. 2. Black gram(udada), Radish, Newly harvested cereals (navanna),Sour and heavy substance, Milk, Curd , Sugarcane Products, Jaggery etc. should be restricted. Note:   The above are certain suggested choices only. Mentioned dose is for the use of adults. How